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MyAirlines Eu tour 2017 published!

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orumieh ~ Rostov-on-Don Airbridge!

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MYAirlines B777-300ER V2 published!

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Our Projects

MY Airlines Cargo

MY Airlines Cargo project was started in 2017 to support cargo flights in MY Airlines. Our pilots can fly between our cargo hubs

using different cargo planes including B747-8F, B777F,  and A330-200F.

MY Airlines VA

MY Airlines virtual was established in 2012 with a unique working system. MY Airlines is the oldest VA registered in IR IVAO. We believe that our virtual pilots should decide how the future of the VA is shaped.

Rules and Regulations

MY Airlines Operational Rules

MY Airlines staffs continuously monitor the quality of flights and flight operations.

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Joining MY Airlines

Advanced pilots have access to personal fleets. They are the fleet manager of their own fleet. In addition, they can fly with the MY Airlines fleet.


  1. Active member of IVAO
  2. Posses FS3 rating

Student pilots can fly with the MY Airlines fleets.


  1. Active member of IVAO
  2. Posses FS2 rating
Rules & Regulations

MY Airlines Staff Team

MY Airlines Hero Members

ماي ايرلاين خيلي خوبه كلاينتش وبسايتش همه چيزش خوبه واقعاً من با چيزيش مشكل نداشتم تا الان كلاينتش واقعاً فوق العادس و سايتشم خيلي خوبه مخصوصاً فليت شخصيش خيلي خوبه فقط اگر امكان داشت اداره فليت شخصي دست خود اون فرد باشه فوق العاده ميشد

Koorosh MY Airlines Pilot

خوبی که مای ایرلاین داره میتونید از تمام هواپیماهای شرکت استفاده کنید اما در شرکت ها دیگه این طوری نیست چون فقط به شما تعداد اندکی هواپیما میدن ولی یک مشکلی که در مای ایرلاین هست مشکل کوچکی هست همون کلاینتش هست چون مثل کلانت افس شما نمیتونید سوخت رو تنظیم کنید وخودش خودکار بشه برای همین ممکن هست برای بعضی ها سخت و دچار مشکل باشه.

Erfan MY Airlines Pilot

I started MY Airlines back in 2012 with the idea of freedom for the pilots of a virtual airlines.
I believed and still believe that as opposed to a real airline where pilots are employees of
a company, pilots of a VA are the shareholders of the airline. So we created MY Airlines to give
our virtual pilots the freedom to fly to any destination using any aircraft they like.

The story of MY Airlines Ali Abedi / VA CEO